Public Records Searches

Public Records SearchWhat are Public Records Searches?

These are searches of federal, state, county, and town public records in order to find and verify information.


When should this type of search take place?

It’s critical to complete this search BEFORE settlement negotiation and litigation. This will alleviate the possibility of a file being closed because the judgment caption did not match the debtor’s actual name or corporate composition.


What information can Public Records Searches reveal?

There are several types of records available, including:

    • UCC filings
    • Bankruptcy records
    • Judgments liens
    • Civil suits
    • Title searches
    • Property records
    • Criminal charges
    • Motor vehicle records

With our vast search capabilities, we can be your one-stop-shop for finding this information.


Why use Asset Source International?

  • When you are considering filing a lawsuit, we can determine if there are other outstanding debts or judgments.
  • Our resources allow us to provide a quick turnaround time.
  • We have the tools to determine whether the supplied corporate name is genuinely the proper corporate name.
  • When a personal name is supplied, we’re able to quickly verify the subject’s social security number and proper address.


Asset Source International also offers Skip Tracing, Asset Location, and Employment Records Search.