Asset Location

Asset SearchWhat is Asset Location?

We’ll gather and verify pertinent financial information to facilitate judgment enforcement, settlement approval or portfolio evaluation. Searches can be conducted on individuals, married couples, small businesses or complex corporations.


What services are frequently requested?

  • Individual Asset Searches: Location of accounts and assets for judgment enforcement against individuals and married couples.
  • Business Assets: Identification of corporate and business holdings for contract disputes, due diligence, litigation, and judgment.


Why use Asset Source International?

    • Our asset searches go beyond basic public database queries to identify verified and current information about an individual or business.
    • Each search is tailored to meet the needs of the client. If you only need specific information, we’ll build a custom search for you.
    • If the subject of a search has no assets, a reduced fee is charged for our report.


Asset Source International also offers Skip TracingPublic Records Searches, and Place of Employment Search.